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We live in a culture obsessed with the search for what is “real.” Whether in the demand for public figures to be more honest and genuine, or in the desire for “all natural” products, or the everyday search for authentic, meaningful experiences, one thing rings true: we are a people with a deep longing for the real thing


Ryan, Jeff, Melanie, and Christian—under their musical collective, Attaboy—have noticed this ubiquitous longing for authentic social and spiritual connection, especially in the years they’ve spent touring coast-to-coast, singing, dancing, and talking with young people. Today’s youth (the “Millennials”) have been labeled by some, “the most cynical and distrusting generation ever recorded,” but Attaboy sees the situation differently.


Vitals, the band’s fifth studio album, is the outcome of vigilant pulse-checking, lending breath and encouragement especially to those who are dizzy and discontent. Echoing the Millennial generation in the track “Dance the Night Away,” they quip, “We’ll be alright, we’ll be okay… we refuse to live this masquerade.” But driven by a relentless dedication to positively impact the world’s youth, they are unsatisfied with remaining in a place of sheer cynicism. Thus, the chorus chimes: “Come with me, we were meant to be free; we don’t dance alone.” 


This is the stalwart message of Attaboy: beyond the confusing, disorienting noises that swirl around us, liberation and hope can be found. Wholeness and grace helps us find patience, healing, and courage—even in the midst of doubt and pain. And this is a message too good not to share.


So Ryan, Jeff, Melanie, and Christian are on the move. Channeling the infectious indie-pop music that has landed them radio success and sustained years of full-time touring, Attaboy is plunging forward in both familiar and new directions. Yet even now, this message is landing freshly on skeptical ears—feet moving to the beat, voices finding belonging in the harmony, and hearts slowly opening, blooming simply through the invitation to hope for something more.